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Increasing housing supply is one of the biggest challenges facing our city. I support building more housing, both affordable and market-rate units to support diversity of all kinds in our community. Increasing the supply of market-rate units will help relieve pressure on existing housing stock. In particular, I want to see more “missing middle” housing that can accommodate, for example, young professionals who don’t qualify for affordable housing but can’t afford luxury apartments. Affordable housing should include units with varying sizes and amenities to accommodate senior citizens and families. Hill East is characterized by row homes, and the ability to more easily rent English basements without worrying about running afoul of the rules would also increase housing supply.

Constituent Services

Having worked for members of Congress for 14 years, I know the importance of providing first-rate constituent services. Often the biggest differences a Congressional office makes in constituents’ lives deals with resolving immigration cases, Veterans Administration claims, or tax refund backlogs. At the local level constituent services are every bit as important, maybe even more. My top priority as an ANC Commissioner will be to help constituents resolve issues with city government, whether it’s trash collection or traffic calming.


Street Safety and Transportation

One of my favorite aspects of life in Hill East is walkability and access to public transit. I walk, or ride the metro or bus nearly everywhere. Devastating pedestrian and cycling injuries and deaths are on the rise, and I myself have experienced several close calls while crossing Capitol Hill streets. I support traffic calming measures, particularly on 17th and 19th streets, and dedicated bike lanes to help keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. While ANCs do not have jurisdiction over Metro, the safety and reliability of Metro is critically important to the community, and I will push to restore service when opportunities are available. Twenty-minute headways are unacceptable and contribute to more cars unnecessarily on our streets.

Reservation 13

While Reservation 13 is not in ANC 7D, redevelopment plans are incredibly important to the community, and I have regularly attended Task Force meetings. District 7D09 in particular has experienced the daily effects of construction at the new Park Kennedy and Ethel buildings, and previous demolition of D.C. General Hospital. For example, there was a significant increase in rodents on my block during certain phases of construction. While I support redevelopment efforts, it’s important that efforts to mitigate neighborhood disruption are taken seriously. As redevelopment moves forward, I will work to ensure community input is heard and issues that arise during construction are addressed.


Public Safety

All District residents deserve to feel safe in their communities. My public safety priority is to facilitate better communication between law enforcement and constituents. It is important that constituents receive updates from law enforcement about their cases, whether it is stolen property or violent crime. I am particularly concerned about the increase in gun violence, and clearance rates and prosecutions for gun crimes. While ANCs have a limited role with respect to the District’s criminal law, I will prioritize opportunities to address gun violence.


I will work to ensure the city council does not break the commitment made during redistricting that parking would not change significantly. I know that neighbors rely on being able to park around the Capitol Hill community.

Parked Car
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