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Feedback from Neighbors

Testimony Against Bill 24-433 To Change Residential Parking Permit Boundaries to Advisory Neighborhood Commission Boundaries

October 23, 2022

Hello. My name is Ashley Schapitl. Thank you for the opportunity to testify today. 

I am a Hill East resident, and do not support aligning the Residential Parking Program (RPP) with Advisory Neighborhood Commission boundaries. During the redistricting process, Hill East was consistently told that moving to Ward 7 would not affect parking or school boundaries, and this bill would renege on that pledge. 

Further tying parking to the redistricting process will only make the process more contentious–and costly–in the future. Changing signs and stickers every 10 years is not a good use of District resources.  

The new boundaries of the Hill East ANC do not reflect how my neighbors in Hill East live their lives on Capitol Hill. For example, the redrawn ANC 7D boundaries would not allow neighbors living west of 15th Street to park on Lincoln Park, Eastern Market, or Barrack’s Row. Neighbors on the western boundary could not park a block from their house if needed. 

At the same time, they could park as far to the northeast as the Maryland border because ANC 7D stretches that far. Not being able to park a block from your house but being able to park at the Maryland/District border does not make sense.

If the Council is going to reconsider RPP boundaries, please use a design that makes sense for every neighborhood. Thank you.

Congressman Jamie Raskin Endorsement

October 16, 2022

Until the District achieves statehood, allies on the congressional oversight committees are so important. There's no better ally for the District than Congressman Raskin, which is why I'm so grateful for his endorsement of my ANC campaign.

"Ashley is a true-blue public servant and problem-solver whose mission in life is to make government work for people. She has an amazing mind and a great heart. I would endorse her for anything because I know she will work with purpose and compassion, and will never let her constituents down."

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD)

Senior Member of the House Oversight Committee*

Crime and Public Safety

October 11, 2022

With multiple shootings at 15th and Independence over the weekend, I’m alarmed by the increase in violent crime in our neighborhood. I know neighbors feel the same way, so I wanted to share more about my plans to promote public safety if elected your next ANC Commissioner.

As an ANC Commissioner, I think it’s critically important to focus on where I could make a tangible difference for my neighbors. My top priorities related to public safety are to: 

  • Facilitate better communication between law enforcement and constituents.

  • Track the status of cases in our neighborhood and write community impact statements in coordination with neighbors who are victims of crime. 

  • Advocate for a more permanent MPD presence at hot spots like 15th and Independence SE where there were multiple shootings over the weekend. 

  • Push for additional CCTV cameras. 

  • Increase awareness of the District’s security camera rebate program. 

I’ve heard that constituents don’t always receive updates from law enforcement about their cases, whether it’s stolen property, or a more serious violent crime. I would prioritize communicating between neighbors and law enforcement to ensure neighbors are getting the information and updates they need from police. 

I would also track the status of cases in our neighborhood to monitor how many investigations have led to arrests and prosecutions. In cases where neighbors are victims of crime, I would work with those neighbors to write community impact statements advocating for appropriate accountability for the specific crime. I believe that keeping the spotlight on open cases in my neighborhood is one of the biggest impacts a commissioner can have. 

During the course of my door knocking, I met a neighbor whose car wheels have been stolen three times. Her personal security camera was not able to capture the license plate of the getaway vehicle. She advocated for additional neighborhood CCTV cameras for these situations. The locations of neighborhood CCTV cameras are determined in part by ANC recommendations. There are currently cameras at 15th and East Capitol and 17th and Independence in our district. I would push for additional neighborhood cameras. 

The shootings over the weekend remind us that particular locations are hot spots for violent crime. I support more permanent MPD presence at locations like 15th and Independence SE.  

In addition, I will work to increase awareness about the city's security camera rebate program, which could provide useful information to help close cases and deter violent crime. I bought a personal security camera six years ago, and received about $300 back from the city. I then had a package stolen and provided our security camera footage to the police. Some months later I received a follow up call that they had made an arrest in the case thanks in part to our footage. The suspect had been caught on camera stealing packages throughout the neighborhood. We also shared footage with the police following the recent shooting at the Stadium-Armory Metro entrance. So, I want to make sure constituents know they can be helpful by participating in this program, and the city will help offset the cost.

While this is a much broader issue than ANCs, I am also concerned about MPD clearance rates and prosecutions with respect to gun crimes. Where there are opportunities to talk about how we can help get illegal guns off the street, that would be a specific area of crime I would be involved in. This could include endorsing specific Council legislation or MPD initiatives as they are proposed.

Greater Greater Washington Endorsement

October 11, 2022

I'm proud to be endorsed by Greater Greater Washington.

Office Hours Recap

October 9, 2022

This weekend, after sending all 818 homes in 7D09 a letter and mailer, I held office hours at the Triangle Park at 17th and C Street. 

  • 17th Street safety. A constituent raised concerns about street safety particularly when walking with children and biking.

  • Boys & Girls Club redevelopment,

  • Reservation 13 redevelopment (new restaurants)

  • Crime

  • Triangle Park refurbishment

  • Ward 7 integration and redistricting

Day 3 Door Knocking Recap

September 18, 2022

  • Speeding cars on 19th and 17th Streets 

  • Crime

  • Lack of responsiveness around RFK events

  • Inadequate street sweeping

  • Trash from construction sights

  • RFK redevelopment

Day 2 Door Knocking Recap

September 11, 2022

  • Speeding cars on 19th Street

  • Crime: I spoke to someone whose tires have been stolen three times.

  • Lax DCRA enforcement

  • RFK uncertainty

  • Reservation 13 redevelopment

Day 1 Door Knocking Recap

September 4, 2022

I’m knocking on every door in 7D09 as part of the campaign, and am going to share the issues that I am hearing about from neighbors. 

On my first day I covered three blocks. The issues I heard about were:

  • Crime–neighbors are concerned about the uptick in car jackings and shootings.

  • Street safety–neighbors are concerned about children being potentially hit by cars by reckless drivers on 16th and 17th Streets.

  • Excess litter near the 7-11. 

  • Redevelopment of the Boys & Girls Club.

  • Integration into Ward 7

  • Parking boundaries 

  • Speed cameras

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